IT labor market
in early 2023

What can we expect?

Find out the actual state of the IT labour market

This is not another report created to 'sell' you a chosen narrative.

It contains data on the state of the IT labour market, which we have been collecting weekly for the past 3 years, as well as verified data from external sources, with commentary from industry experts.

  • Only reliable, verified information

  • Comments from experts with many years of experience in the IT industry

  • A broad view, without focusing on one narrative

Our Experts

Sebastian Majcher

Co-founder & Head of Client Success at Team Up

Piotr Nowosielski

CEO Just Join IT


Paweł  Bujak

Client Success Manager at Team Up

Mateusz Smoczyński

Co-founder at Team Up


Who are we?

Team Up is the first agile IT recruitment agency in Poland fully based on team recruitment.

We have been growing intensively since 2019. We can boast great reviews from our clients, low turnover, a close-knit team, Danish working hours and awards such as winning the LinkedIn Talent Awards 🏆

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The IT job market in early 2023

Check out the state of the IT recruitment market and what lies ahead in the next quarters!

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